Bulletin, e-Bulletin and Web Site 2014-2015

LWVA Bulletin: Eleven issues were published between June 2014 and May 2015 and mailed to member households as well as local libraries, elected officials and a handful of additional recipients. PDF versions were uploaded to the web site, and beginning in January individual articles were also placed on line. The on-line versions include live links for further information.

E-Bulletin (LWVAmherst Notes): The first electronic newsletter was sent at the beginning of October 2015, and has continued approximately monthly. This electronic version provides updated calendar information, action items, and special bulletins and requests, and occasionally repeats some information from the print Bulletin. Again, live links make follow-up easy. Anyone with an e-mail address can subscribe herself to this newsletter using the button on the front page of our web site.

Web site (www.lwvamherst.org): Our long-time webmaster, Brian DeVore, requested that he be allowed to retire to an advisory capacity, and that we make alternative arrangements for hosting our site, which he had been hosting. LWVA now has its own account on DreamHost and the principal administrator is Kathy Campbell. Additional web site editors and content providers are being sought; please contact me if interested. Training provided!

Kathy Campbell