From the New Leadership Team

First of all, as retiring editor of the LWVA Bulletin, I wish to thank Cynthia Brubaker and Kathy Vorwerk, who as co-presidents from 2013 to 2015 contributed not only monthly columns but much additional writing to the Bulletin, in addition to carefully reviewing every issue for everything from appropriate and accurate content to spelling and grammar.

But writing for and reviewing the Bulletin were only a small fraction of the many tasks that fall to the leadership of our League. You know this! This is why it is so hard to get members to take on what seems to be a daunting task. And this is the problem that the Organizational Structure Task Force (OSTF) is attempting to address. But YOU are the key to making the new structure proposed by the OSTF work, so that our League can continue to prosper and serve the community.

Specifically, the OSTF spent a great deal of time trying to identify the many components of the jobs that need to be done in order to keep the League going, from maintaining a database of the membership to fund raising to organizing candidate forums. Many of these tasks can be done at your own desk; others require reaching out to others. Some need intermittent attention throughout the year. Some take intense effort over a shorter period of time. Some are mostly routine, while others require research or writing or learning new skills. But most do NOT require being on the LWVA Board, whose main jobs are to plan the League’s activities and keep things keep running smoothly. With your help, the burden on the Board will be greatly reduced. Indeed, by next year more of you may decide that serving on the Board might even be fun!

At annual meeting, we distributed a sign-up sheet for some of these smaller tasks. It is attached below as a PDF file. If you have not yet done so, please take a few minutes to fill it out and give it or mail it to any board member. This list is far from complete so please add items, look for additional “help wanted” ads in both the Bulletin and the e-Bulletin throughout this coming year, and consider where your talents can best be used.

Kathy Campbell

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