Report from the Organizational Structure Task Force

In response to the report of the 2014 Nominating Committee, the LWVA board established a task force to consider possible changes in the organizational structure of the LWVA in the fall of 2014. In the course of its work, the Nominating Committee had noted a mismatch between the extent of the League’s activities and its volunteer resources, as well as a preference among the members contacted in their search for Board candidates for shorter-range commitments. The Organizational Structure Task Force (OSTF) was therefore charged by the board “to oversee the exploration and initial implementation of possible changes to the organizational structure and procedures used by the League.

The OSTF made initial recommendations in February and held a meeting to obtain feedback from the members. The 2015 Nominating Committee agreed to recruit to the proposed structure. The slate elected at the 2015 Annual Meeting consists of 10 members. The presidents and vice-presidents have been replaced by a three-person leadership team, who are free to divide up the leadership tasks among themselves in a way that corresponds to their interests and talents and avoids overburdening any one person. Four of the five named portfolios cover areas that are indispensable if we are to remain a functioning organization: membership, money, communications and records. The fifth is the one mission-related area without which we would not be the League, namely Voter Service. The Nominating Committee also identified members willing to assist in each of these functions off-board. Finally, making League program a total board responsibility will ensure that the League does not take on more activities than it can handle.

The OSTF will continue into the coming year and evaluate the new structure as it evolves. It expects to prepare a report by January 2016 that can be used by next year’s Nominating Committee.

Kathy Campbell