Voter Registration

The Voter Registration (VR) Committee was busy this past year - mainly in the fall of 2018 - educating voters and potential voters about voter registration, absentee ballots in MA and other states, and the ballot questions.

At the VR Committee meeting on 9/13, Alice Swift provided a training on VR in MA. We also discussed upcoming events and activities. A traveling suitcase filled with VR materials began its travels that day and was kept busy through the end of the VR period in MA.

Voter Registration Information Sessions provided by the LWVA in August/September/October includes the following:

  • 5 Head Start Parent Open Houses
  • Gun Rights Rally in Springfield on 8/26/18
  • Jones Library National Voter Registration Day
  • Amherst College Student Registration Event
  • 4 Amherst Farmers Market on the Common
  • The Arbors of Amherst
  • Town of Amherst Regional Public Schools First Day Event
  • Town of Amherst Block Party
  • Hampshire College Voter Registration Cafeteria Event
  • Amherst Regional High School Senior Home Room VR Sign Up
  • Brookfield Farm Candidates Forum with VR materials
  • All Candidates’ Forums and Events - VR materials made available

It is difficult to estimate the number of actual new voters registered. Most people were already registered. However, there was much discussion with the public looking for information about where to vote, how to access an absentee ballot, the VR deadline in MA, etc. The visibility and access to information that the LWVA provided was important on many levels.

There are many LWVA women who made this significant undertaking possible. I am very grateful to each and every one of them for the role they played in VR events especially in light of the intensity of this particular voting year.

Nancy DiMattio