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Book Sale 2017

Planning for 2018 LWVA Book Sale begins

The Amherst School facilities and family center have been contacted, and an organizing committee has been formed. Now all we need is books! (Not a problem, if past years are anything to go by.)

Cynthia and Jerry Brubaker have stepped up to the plate and agreed to co-chair the 2018 LWVA book sale. A committee is in place to help, consisting of many familiar faces. If you would like to help, please get in touch with Cynthia and Jerry.

Important dates:

  • Donations will be accepted from June 30 through July 15, at Fort River School ONLY.
  • Pricing and sorting sessions will be scheduled from June 30 through July 24, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Session chairs needed!
  • An event at the ARPS Summer Achievement Academy will be scheduled, most likely for July 24.
  • Dealers Day is planned for July 25.
  • Public sale days will be July 27-29 and August 3-4, with some evening hours on the opening day, July 27. Cashiers needed!
  • All hands on deck for our clean-up day on Monday, August 6!

So get the Book Sale on your calendar and let the co-chairs know how you want to help.


Book Donations for LWV Amherst's Summer Sale

We gratefully accept donations of

  • Hard-cover and soft-cover books in good condition, fiction and non-fiction, of general interest, in any language
  • DVDs, CDs, books-on-tape, and vinyl in good condition
  • a few additional items, including “tiny” books, clean blank books, and clean prints and maps.

But we are not a recycling center! Please recycle magazines at your own curbside, along with pamphlets, class notes, etc.

We can NOT accept:

  • Encyclopedia sets (World Book, etc.)
  • Readers Digest condensed books
  • Loose-leaf notebooks, e.g., some cookbooks
  • Out-of-date textbooks (and most textbooks more than five years old are out of date!)
  • Out-of-date computer manuals (and these are out of date in well under five years!)
  • Dated material: old travel guides, almanacs, etc.
  • Academic journals, bound or unbound
  • VHS tapes

Thank you for disposing of these items, as well as your damaged, mildewed, or yellowing books, elsewhere.