CET and Mass Energy: Making the Switch

The Center for EcoTechnology (CET) has been an environmental non-profit in Western Massachusetts for over 35 years. It works with partners throughout the region to provide resources for energy efficiency, waste management, and renewable energy options.

CET has found that people want to make environmental-friendly choices, but require easily accessible solutions to go green in their lives and homes. So it partners with Mass Energy, a statewide nonprofit dedicated to making energy more affordable and sustainable. It has also partnered with the Town of Amherst and Sustainability Coordinator Stephanie Ciccarello to work to reduce residents’ carbon footprint.

Household electricity usage can account for a third of our carbon emissions. But as a Massachusetts resident, you can opt out of the standard mix of coal, oil, natural gas, and other carbon emitting fossil fuels, choosing instead to have your electricity sourced by 100% local, renewable electricity generated right here in New England.

Mass Energy offers two alternative energy options: New England Wind (100% wind energy) and New England GreenStart (a combination of wind, solar, digester gas, and low-impact hydro power). New England Wind and New England GreenStart create local, green jobs and avoid the production of pollutants that contribute to climate change. Taking advantage of these expanding state programs is one of the simplest ways you can help move Massachusetts towards a 100% renewable, carbon-free grid.

To learn more, please go to the CET web site or call 1-800-287-3950.