Democracy in the Balance: Money, Speech and Power

There is much we do not understand. Educating our membership (including ourselves), and spreading the word to the grassroots are necessary first steps to whatever direction our advocacy efforts will take. The MA Leagues of Concord/Carlisle and Sudbury recently developed an educational presentation and suggested that we preview it in Amherst.

In October 2012, the LWVA’s Follow the Money (FT$) Interest Group, presented its version of the program, ‘Democracy in the Balance: Money, Speech and Power’ to the Amherst League.

The program offers an historical overview of how campaign financing has changed over time, and on the impact of unlimited contributions and expenditures on political campaigns as a consequence of the Citizens United decision.

The Amherst Follow the Money Committee (FT$) is looking for opportunities to present this program to community groups. The talk with the accompanying slide show takes about 20 minutes. If you are a member of any western Massachusetts organization or civic group that invites speakers, please contact Joan Rabin or Jackie Wolf.


Other organizations 

Trevor Potter and Floyd Abrams with Bill Moyers

Trevor Potter and Bill Moyers November 16, 2012

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