Diversity in the League

Your co-presidents, Cynthia Brubaker and Kathy Vorwerk, are members of the LWVMA Demographic Task Force that is studying ways to attract members from groups in the community not historically well-represented in the League. The Task Force identified the following groups as ones to focus on: cultural/ethnic groups; urban dwellers; young mothers; parents with school-age children; men; new residents in the community; new residents 55 and older; people in senior residence facilities; newly retired individuals; and empty nesters.

Cynthia has been focusing on residents 55 and older, and Kathy is looking at empty nesters and men. (The men in our Amherst League may remember filling out a questionnaire Kathy circulated about this issue.)

The Task Force members are currently continuing their research and creating suggestions for attracting members from the various groups.

Related to the issue of attracting diverse groups is the issue of keeping these members once they have joined– really keeping all members. It would be interesting to know what kind of person is not renewing their membership and why. This is not something the Task Force has dealt with yet, but perhaps our Amherst League might look into it independently. The number of members in our League has been dropping in recent years. This may simply be attrition due to our aging membership, but other variables may be involved as well.

Kathy Vorwerk