Seeking LWVMA Mentors

MENTOR: Someone who communicates with a newer member
to share information and experience.

Do you remember why you became a member of the LWV and why you still are?

Since moving here in 1987, I appreciated and used the League's information on candidates for political office. So four years ago I joined the Amherst LWV and have gradually become more involved.

Not knowing anyone in the League, I felt welcomed, but would have benefited from a mentor.

Aspects of the League, as the world, are changing with technology but the "passion" that kept you a committed member could help you mentor a new member and keep the vital work of the League alive and growing.

Please consider being a mentor. Contact Mary P. Hough at 413-549-6726, 413-531-6107 or by e-mail or anyone on the membership committee.

Mary Hough