Program Planning for 2015

A good discussion was held at the January Program Planning meeting at the Jones Library. Among those attending, there was strong support for a LWVMA statewide study of charter schools and school choice. In addition, the consensus of those attending was that the LWVMA should take action on health care, civics education, voting rights and money in politics.

On the local level there was an interest in a study of land use policies and how that connects with affordable housing in Amherst. The group also suggested that the LWVA Energy Committee study and take action on local transportation, especially to see if PVTA is meeting the needs of those in the community who depend on bus transportation to get to work, to medical appointments, to grocery shopping, etc.

Two areas were identified for action at the local level. The first was civic education and engagement and working to address this issue here in Amherst. And secondly, what are the future plans for solid waste disposal and our Transfer Station? There was also support for continuing our work with others groups to address the issue of racism in Amherst and in our schools.

The Board will look over these suggestions and determine in what form they will be brought before the members at Annual Meeting. Thank you to all who came and participated!

Cynthia Brubaker