Voter Service and the League

Voter Service is perhaps the most varied function of the local League.  It comprises many activities that are fundamental to the League's mission. All League members are invited to help. 

The following is a general list of LWVA's Voter Service activities:

  • Voter education – a collaboration with other offices both locally and nationally.  This effort is ongoing throughout the year though it is more visual during elections.

  • Voter registration – a year-round effort.  We have voter registration tables on the town common, at special events held in the schools (both high school and colleges), and at town-wide events like the July 4th celebration.

  • Candidates Night – live forums held before local elections and on occasion during state elections in the district if there are competing candidates and if they are willing to participate. Such forums are usually held on a regional basis involving several local leagues. Candidates Night is taped and shown on Amherst Media several times before the election to inform the electorate.

  • Live Election Coverage – a collaboration with Amherst Media that is near and dear to many in the town. It is the means by which Amherst residents can learn election results quickly. Election results are gathered from the 10 precincts and then reported over Amherst Media during an Election night show.  Special guests are invited to help discuss how these results (both individuals elected and ballot questions) impact the functioning of town government. Winners of town-wide offices are invited to appear after the results are announced.

  • They Represent You – a publication produced by the Amherst league after town elections. This publication lists elected officials and Town Meeting members representing the 10 precincts in the town, their addresses and phone numbers.

Please consider volunteering to help out in one or several activities listed.  For more detailed information about any of the activities, please contact the Voter Service Chair.