Charter Schools

The League of Women Voters of Massachusetts has published its new position on Charter Schools.

LWV Amherst's conclusions about the eleven questions posed by the LWVMA charter school study committee. For details and background information about these questions, see

Annenberg Foundation examines charter school governance in Massachusetts

Note: The voters of Georgia declined to amend the constitution to allow state control of public schools, 60-40%, in November 2016. (Mentioned on p. 1 of this report, released before the election.)

LWVA has completed its two consensus meetings for the LWVMA charter school study.

The materials for the League of Women Voters of Massachusetts charter school study have been posted on the LWVMA web site. They include information on how charter schools work and how they are funded, as well as the consensus questions to be considered by each local League.

Report prepared by School Superindents of Hampshire and Franklin Counties together with the Collaborative for Educational Services, entitled Key Points about Disproportionate Impact of Charter Schools on Rural and Small Districts" (December, 2015)

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