Board Restructuring Moving Forward

Members of the Organizational Structure Task Force (OSTF) and others sat down to discuss the planned reorganization of the board over lunch on February 19. A new board-and-committee structure will be tried out in 2015-2016, consisting of a three-person leadership team, one representative from each of five teams or committees (membership, communications, finance, records and voter service), and one to three additional directors who will represent other current needs and interests of the League.

One of the concerns raised at the February 19 meeting was whether lines of communication within the League would be unclear, given the spread of responsibilities within a three-person leadership team and across committees with several off-board members. The new board will be responsible for developing and trouble-shooting the new structure, and will work with the OSTF to evaluate it next winter and spring. The Task Force has a two-year mandate, and will present its final report before the 2016 Annual Meeting.
The 2015 Nominating Committee is now recruiting the slate of eight to eleven board members for election at the LWVA annual meeting in May. In addition, the Committee intends to provide the new board with a list of members willing to contribute to the work of the various committees. This will ensure that these teams get off to a good start as they, too, help to develop this new structure. So if you would like to be on any of these committees, please let someone on the Committee, chaired by Alice Swift, know of your interests.

Unchanged for the upcoming experimental year will be (1) our bylaws, (2) our nominating committee structure of three elected members plus two appointed from the board, and (3) the ability of the board to appoint additional on-board and off-board Directors.

Kathy Campbell