Booksale Culling and Sorting begins July 5

We need volunteers to cull and sort the many thousands of donated books that will be arriving starting on July 2 at the Fort River Gym, 70 South East Street in Amherst. We will be working Monday-Saturday, July 2-26 (no July 4), 9:00am til 2:00pm. Stop in anytime, on any day, as many times as you would like. No schedule, no sign up. Just show up.

We especially need people willing to chair one of more sessions. The chair of the first session each day opens the gym before 9 a.m. or arranges for someone else to do that. The chair of the second session closes the gym after 2 p.m. or arranges for someone else to do that. Session chairs are expected to be at the gym for most or all of their sessions (9 a.m. to 11:30 and 11:30 to 2 p.m.)

If you can help, sign up here, and please also try to attend one of the training sessions on Saturday, July 2. If this is not possible, please ask the Booksale Chair or an experienced Session Chair to go over the 2022 procedures with you; a few things have changed since our last sale and in any case, it seems as if that one was a decade ago!

This is our only fundraising event of the year and it has always been a success. Why? Because dozens of us put in the time and effort it takes to make it happen. It is also fun to volunteer: connect with old friends, make new ones, peruse the books you might want for yourself, laugh, converse.

See you soon!