Help us plan next year's program

Come have Lunch with the League on January 13th and help choose the issues the League will study and take action on in 2015-2016. Join the Board at the annual Program Planning meeting at noon in the Jones Library. At the meeting, all League members will have the opportunity to discuss and make recommendations about issues of interest and concern.

The Program Planning process is an important League tool for identifying issues for study, review or update, and for making decisions about where we will focus our advocacy and education efforts. Here is a short list of local issues the Board has been considering for our 2015 program and will be discussing further on the 13th:

  • Civics Education: We know that education about our government and civic life has fallen off the school curriculum. A committee is already planning a “civics bee” for next fall to increase interest in the topic. Should we, can we, do more?
  • Race and Diversity: Keeping within the parameters of our positions regarding race, diversity, and social justice, explore how the LWVA can use our skills to assist the efforts already ongoing in our Town around these topics.
  • Affordable Housing: We have a local position on this topic, but is it adequate to allow us to support proposed solutions that are emerging in public debate in Amherst? Does it need updating? Do we need a broader study of homelessness in Amherst and the region?

Join the discussion and add your own ideas on January 13th.

In addition to local issues, the group may spend a little time on LWVA’s recommendations for LWVMA program. LWVMA will hold its biennial Convention in West Springfield on May 15-16, 2015. New studies under consideration include: charter schools and school choice; standardized testing in Massachusetts schools; addressing the needs and issues of a growing senior population; and GMO labeling of foods in Massachusetts. Possible action priorities include: improving elections and voter turnout; money and politics; civic education and engagement; climate change and the environment; and addressing income inequality. Consult the state program planning guide for more information.

The Program Planning process is essential to the League’s remaining a grassroots organization. Come and be one of the members that helps chart the League’s course. We want and need your suggestions. The Board will provide drinks and a light lunch. We promise you a lively discussion of important issues as well as great fellowship!