League Membership Poll

Dear League Members.

We need your help!

The LWVA Board held a retreat this summer, where we spent the day reviewing our League’s activities: what we do well and not-so-well, where we can improve, and how we can better reach out to our members.

Now we need your input as to how LWVA can best serve your interests. We ask you to take a few minutes and answer this poll, either via email (copy this and paste it into your message), via the paper form in the Bulletin, or at our Opening Meeting in September. Feel free to add comments. If you want to fill this in, you can remove the page, put it in an envelope and send it to:

League of Women Voters of Amherst

P.O. Box 2372
Amherst, MA 01004-2372

  1. Monthly Bulletin

    How often do you read the Bulletin ? (please circle)




    People have asked whether we could send the Bulletin by email instead of a printed copy by mail. Do you think it is valuable to send printed copies?



    Would you like to receive the Bulletin as an email attachment?



    Would you prefer to receive a weekly email with short updates and a calendar instead of a monthly Bulletin?



  2. Dues Payment

    Would you like the option of paying your annual dues online with a credit card? (Note that there would be a cost to LWVA for doing so)



  3. Programs: Do you have a particular topic of interest that you would like to see as a League meeting/event this year?


  4. Additional Comments or Suggestions: Do you have any other comments as to what the LWVA is doing well or what we should do differently?


Thank you for taking part in our feedback poll!