Letter and Invitation from RJC

Dear LWV Members and Friends,

We are shocked and saddened by the terrible tragedy in Buffalo, manifesting once again the scourge of racial violence and hatred afflicting our country. While we must work to change the national climate, we can start by giving our support to local initiatives. As you know, our Town is creating two new departments, Community Responders for Equity, Safety, and Service (CRESS) and the Department of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).

The creation of CRESS and DEI brings the potential for a new era of equity and inclusion for all our residents and this is truly cause for celebration! But much work lies ahead to realize the potential and we must all resolve to help make these programs successful for the long term.

The League is hosting a community reception at Groff Park, this Sunday, May 22, 3-5 PM, to welcome Earl Miller, Director of CRESS, Pamela Nolan Young, Director of DEI, and Jennifer Moyston, Assistant Director of DEI.

We urge you to come join us on Sunday to welcome three exceptional individuals, learn about the new programs, and give your support to the work that lies ahead. We'll have great music, good food, and good conversation. We will hold the event, rain or shine; racial justice is not a "fair weather" cause!