LWVA Committee on Aging in the Amherst Area Releases Report

A summary report of the findings of the LWVA Study Committee investigating support systems available to elders in the Amherst Area has been released.

The report draws on studies and projections by the Massachusetts Institute for Social and Economic Research (MISER) to show that the proportion of elderly in Amherst itself has been increasing since 1990, a trend that is projected to continue and even accelerate going forward.

Committee members also interviewed a number of agencies that provide services to the elderly (and others) throughout the valley. Their report lists some of these services and identifies potential gaps.

Finally, the committee has a number of recommendations.

  1. Wording for a new LWVA position that, if adopted, will allow the League to advocate for improved or additional services for the elderly.
  2. A number of programs open to the public. At least three of these have already been scheduled; see our calendar as well as the flyer below.
  3. Preparation of a "Where to Find Help" guide in a format that can be easily updated.


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