LWVA Committee on Local Action for Social Justice

In the early winter of 2016-2017, members of the LWVA Board were talking about feeling depressed about the state of the country, and wanting to take individual action in response. Four people at that meeting decided to meet together to organize programs to offer members opportunities to work for what we called "social justice" on the local level. Thus the Local Action for Social Justice (LASJ) was formed.

There were so many problems needing to be addressed that the organizers knew it was beyond the reach (and purpose) of the local League to seek to address them all. Moreover, many excellent organizations were already seeking to meet these problems. We thought we should inform members about existing organizations they as individuals might want to work with.

You may have attended some of these programs, which included both speakers and follow-up actions. For example: there have been  programs on Food Security and Women's Health at the Survival Center; Laurie Millman head of the Center for New Americans, spoke at Opening Meeting 2017; Sudha Setty gave talks on National Security and Presidential Power. Affordable Housing, Racism, and Climate Change are continuing focuses this year.

The Committee welcomes new members; if you are interested, join us at a meeting (see the e-bulletin calendar for dates.) The next meeting will be immediately after the January 26 Consensus Meeting. The committee's opening meeting focused on topics of affordable housing and a response to the National's (and State's) call for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, but specific plans wait for the approval of the Steering Committee.