LWVUS Annual Convention Addresses Structural Changes and Other Issues

Delegates to the biannual LWVUS Convention, held in Denver and on line June 23-26, 2002, made a number of bylaws changes and concurred with two positions developed at the state level. Details are included in this document.

Bylaws changes

All of the Bylaw changes proposed by LWVUS to implement proposed structural changes in the League passed, although several just barely got the 2/3 vote they needed. For example, five more votes would have defeated Amendment 1 (dues changes.) Under Amendment 1, although not sooner than 2024, the system of "per member payments" from local Leagues to state and national Leagues will end. All members will join through the national League. Individual local Leagues can suggest an appropriate level of dues, but individuals will pay what they can. Net revenue collected through membership dues will be shared by LWVUS, the member's state league and, if applicable, the member's local league or member-at-large unit. The allocation to LWVUS shall not exceed one-third of the dues. There is also a proposal to build up state Leagues so that eventually they will be able to take over the administrative burden of local Leagues, allowing local Leagues to focus more on mission-related activities. However, at the moment the infrastructure to meet this goal does not exist in a number of states.

Program for 2022-2024

The League-wide Campaign for Making Democracy Work: Voting Rights, Improving Elections, Campaign Finance/Money in Politics, and Redistricting passed with additions. Members proposed, and 2/3 of voting delegates approved, adding the Equal Rights Amendment to the Campaign, and the LWVUS Board has decided to work to get rid of the Electoral College and a specific reference to direct popular election of the president, also as part of this Campaign.

Delegates approved two concurrences endorsed by LWVUS, adopting positions based on New York's Healthcare Modernization position and California's Criminal Justice position. An additional Program item, not recommended by LWVUS, was approved by the delegates, to consider a concurrence with a state position on Digital Equity during the next biennium.


The Resolution Committee recommended five resolutions. All passed by overwhelming majorities. These five dealt with Immigration Reform, Climate Emergency Declaration, Statehood for D.C., Murdered and Missing Indigenous People, and Reproductive Rights. As a rule, resolutions are dealt with on the last day, but the Reproductive Rights resolution was put before us on Friday afternoon, the day the SCOTUS decision was revealed, and passed by a sweeping majority. The resolution on the Climate Emergency Declaration was submitted by the LWV of Radnor Township, and reads: “Be it resolved: We, as delegates of local Leagues assembled at the 2022 LWV US Convention, call upon the LWVUS Board and state and local Leagues to urge state and local governments to adopt and publicize the Declarations of Climate Emergency appropriate to local conditions and take appropriate action to implement the Declarations of Climate Emergency.”