Pioneer Valley Women's March 2020

This year, Springfield Women Organizing (coalition) is taking the lead. LWVA is a co-sponsor  of the March. Join the contingent marching with our banner. Some will be wearing a "centennial" costume, winter version. (We don't have a horse, but we're working on the whites... Old-fashioned hat, long white skirt, white jacket or short coat for 30 degree weather, sensible shoes. If you have any of these to share, please let Barbara Pearson know--or come walk with us. We're also working on "VOTES for WOMEN" sashes for the marchers. Be sure to carry a shoulder bag with voter registration information!

People are asked to gather at Northgate, 1985 Main St. (North of Union Station) by 11 for pre-March activities. The March is planned to start at noon, following an 0.7-mile route from Northgate to City Hall. The Rally will be on City Hall steps around 1 or a little before. An Activist Fair inside will be held in City Hall immediately following.

There will be an LWVA group attending the MLK Breakfast in Amherst first, and then going down to arrive at Northgate before noon. There's a link for general carpooling and information about parking on the March website.


Thursday Jan 16, 6 - 7:30 pm hosted by League of Women Voters Amherst and the Peace Development Fund, 44 N. Prospect Street, Amherst (Behind CVS and St. Brigid's) We'll have some supplies, but please bring poster board, markers, etc. if you can!