Program Planning 2020

The 2020 Program Planning meeting discussed national program for the upcoming biennium as well as local program for 2020-2021.

The two substantive questions in the LWVUS Program Planning materials dealt with:

  1. recommending another program item, and
  2. and the trial of a new process, a "pilot concurrence" with a proposed national position on electoral systems.

For the first, we largely followed the recommendation of the state League in supporting the creation of a new "climate emergency" program. For the second, while we agreed with LWVMA that the pilot concurrence was poorly executed in this particular case, we also emphasized that we felt that this approach to expanding or updating national positions has promise. It is in fact the process by which LWVMA approaches its own studies, making use of a study committee of interested people from across the state to prepare study materials rather than using staff time.

Under the heading of local program, we reviewed a proposal from Joan Rabin to create a guide and/or host a forum on running for public office. We also discussed hosting a forum on how to deal with systemic issues around the climate emergency: what can people do collectively, and what is preventing us from making progress?

See the attached documents for more details.

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