Resources for LWUS Study on Money in Politics

Oh no! The LWVUS studies on Money in Politics is continuing!

Following our pair of meetings in November, we will attempt to complete the second of the two national studies in a joint meeting of two hours or less with LWV of Northampton on January 19. The national study committee, in preparing the study materials, concluded that "a gap exists in the LWV campaign finance position with regard to the First Amendment… The League position...does not answer the question of whether all or some political activity constitutes free speech protected under the First Amendment. Because it does not address that question, the position does not balance the First Amendment interests of candidates, donors, independent spenders, and issue advocates against the interest in equitable competition among candidates for office, preventing undue influence, and enhancing voter participation."

The consensus questions, to be considered independently of the Supreme Court's current interpretations, invite us to consider when and how political speech might be limited, if at all, as well as other topics. Here is the LWVUS study guide.