Statement of Purpose and Goals

The purpose of the Racial Justice Committee/Task Force is to encourage and help focus the Amherst League of Women Voters’ work to understand and challenge systemic racism, both locally and nationally. We will collaborate with other like-minded local efforts who share this goal. We intend to educate ourselves and our organization about racism at the individual, community and organizational levels with a commitment to listening. We seek a solution-oriented understanding of what it means to be anti-racist. In working against racism in our community, we intend primarily to partner with other organizations rather than initiating projects on our own.

Specific Goals:

  1. To collaborate with individuals and community groups addressing racial injustice; those groups might include the Racial Equity Task Force, Interfaith Organization Network, Coming Together, NAACP, Peoples Assembly, Human Rights Commission, and the high school BLM group, possibly participating in a town-wide coalition on these issues. We will be guided by League principles such as non-partisanship in identifying the individuals and organizations with whom we will partner.
  2. To explore involvement in the proposed resident committee to work with the police on safety in Amherst.
  3. To seek to diversify the membership of the Amherst League, following the National and State League Principles of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.
  4. Create a communication stream in both the Amherst League and the local community about issues of racial justice and legislative efforts by the state LWV.

Chair: Marcie Sclove


Andrea Battle
Rebecca Fricke
Adrienne Terrizzi
Susan Millinger
Martha Hanner
Bonnie Isman
Ash Hartwell
Meg Gage
Sudha Setty
Mira Setty-Charity