Follow the Money Interest Group

Follow The Money (FT$) was formed in 2011 by Amherst League members concerned about the impact of the 2010 Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v the Federal Election Commission on our democratic processes.

We had questions. How would the Court decision change the political landscape in this country? How should the League respond? In particular, should the League support any of the numerous proposals for Constitutional Amendments, floating around? How many proposed amendments were there, anyway, and how did they differ? DOES MONEY REALLY EQUAL SPEECH?

Campaign finance has been a major issue for LWV advocacy since the 1970’s. To focus renewed attention on this issue in 2012, the Massachusetts Leagues of Amherst, Concord/Carlisle and Sudbury brought a resolution to the LWV National Convention in June, requesting a review of the Constitutional Amendments before the 112th Congress then in session.  It passed!

In 2013, LWVMA adopted a two-year study of Campaign Finance and established a state-wide Campaign Finance Study Committee (CFSC).

In the months preceding the 2014 Convention the CFSC made major contributions to a background document, which was released by LWVUS as the document Developing a Common Understanding of the Issues: A Primer for Engagement of League Members and Fellow Citizens, an important part of the LWVUS program for the 2014-2016 biennium adopted at the 2014 Convention.

CFSC members have also polished a slide show, Democracy in the Balance, earlier versions of which have been presented to many community groups in the Pioneer Valley.

Interested? Worried? We welcome your participation!  Contact any League member for more information.