Report prepared by School Superindents of Hampshire and Franklin Counties together with the Collaborative for Educational Services, entitled Key Points about Disproportionate Impact of Charter Schools on Rural and Small Districts" (December, 2015)

Responses to four questions from the Amherst Survival Center by candidates for the Hampshire Third District Representative in 2016.

Follow-up questions from John Hornik to the candidates for Hampshire Third District Representative, fall 2016.

The 2016 edition of They Represent You, updated to reflect the results of the March, 2016 elections. Contact information for all Town of Amherst elected officials is included, as well as state and federal officials.

Support statements for Articles 19, 36 and 37 on the Amherst Town Warrant, Spring 2016.

Report of the Study Committee on Aging in the Amherst Area.

League of Women Voters of Amherst position (2003).

An article by Marilyn Contreas of the Edward J. Collins, Jr., Center for Public Management.