The League of Women Voters of Amherst found the ambiguous language in the questions, pro/con statements and study guide confusing, confounding, even contradictory. The ambiguous wording sometimes caused us to conclude “no consensus” even when we were in agreement on many aspects of the question.

LWVA members gathered in two lively and well-attended meetings during November to discuss the national study on the process for amending the Constitution.

Information and consensus meetings for this national LWV study are planned for November 10 and November 18, respectively. The public is welcome as participants on November 10, and as observers on November 18.

One part of the three-part study on “Key Structures of Democracy” adopted by LWVUS in 2014 is designed to provide the League with principles on which to base a decision to approve or oppose amending the Constitution. Materials for this component are now available and LWVA is forming a study committee.

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