Voter Information

Governor Baker signed H.4820, An Act relative to Voting Options in Response to COVID-19, into law Monday, July 6.

Census problems in Amherst are due to our large student numbers as well as other hard-to-count residents.

A meeting on the 2020 Census was held at Town Hall on October 10. Speakers included Mindy Domb, Rep. Paul Mark (House Committee on Redistricting), and Georgia Lowe (US Census Bureau).

Two speakers from VoterChoiceMA speak about collecting signatures in support of statewide ballot initiatives.

A March 28th meeting of the Voter Participation Stakeholders' Roundtable focussed on ways to improve voter participation by students.

A guide to your elected officials prepared by the League of Women Voters of Amherst.

The Town Meeting Coordinating Committee has created some new options for contacting Town Meeting members.


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