Consensus Question 5

Question 5 in the Massachusetts Leagues' study of the Ballot Question Process asks "Should the Secretary of the Commonwealth periodically review and update the means of disseminating and publicizing the “Information for Voters” red booklet?"

Currently, Massachusetts compiles the information contained in the "Information for Voters" from various sources. It prints the "Red Book" and distributes it by mail to the homes of registered voters. A PDF of the printed document on the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s website, as well as a page containing the question summaries. Little or no additional information is available on the web site of the Secretary of the Commonwealth.

Many states print this information in newspapers. Some post more background information, such as Colorado's Blue Book Fiscal Impact supplement. In Oregon, results of the Citizen Initiative Review are published as part of the official process, at least when this Review is funded (see remarks under Consensus Question 3). Some states are beginning to explore social media options for distribution, including YouTube.

Information on Consensus Question 5 is found on p. 7 of the Study Guide. Information required by law in Massachusetts is outlined in Section 4.1 of the Study Report.