Consensus Question 7

Question 7 in the Massachusetts Leagues' study of the Ballot Question Process asks "Should every identifiable, unique signature on a petition be counted toward the required total, rather than rejecting, for example, all signatures on a page because of one error or stray mark?"

Currently if some kind of stray mark is on a petition, the entire page of signatures may be rejected. Collectors may be instructed by their campaigns not to complete an entire page if a mark is accidentally made near the beginning of the page. The intention is to prevent marks from influencing a signer in some way. However a signer who is opposed to the question can easily disqualify sheets by making a stray mark on purpose, so those signatures will not be counted.

Other states do not have such a rule.

Information on Consensus Question 7 is found on p. 9 of the Study Guide. Procedures for certificating and processing petition sheets are outlined in Section 3.4 of the Study Report.