Task Force on Funding Requests

The Task Force on Funding Requests was created by the Steering Committee in response to comments from members at the Annual Meeting to put more League funds into action. New Steering Committee members Ann Kieser and Bonnie Isman met with veteran members Rebecca Fricke and Deanna Pearlman and crafted a program of grant opportunities that would support positions already endorsed by the Amherst League.

In September we reviewed the League’s current Donations Policy and drafted an application process. The Task Force proposed “Civic Action Grants” to support education and advocacy efforts by members of the LWVA, by young people, and by others outside the League. Guidelines for grants are compatible with other Massachusetts League grants, such as the Scharfman Citizen Education Grant Program. Grants up to $1,000 are offered with a maximum of $5,000 a year. This application process was accepted by the Steering Committee in January and announced at the League’s Birthday Lunch in February, in the press and online. Webmaster wizard Kathy Campbell created an online application webform and application guidelines which can also be downloaded in PDF.

The Task Force agreed to serve as an application review committee with Ann Kieser serving as the contact person for applicant questions. We will continue to promote this grant opportunity to high school students and to activist groups in the Amherst area during 2020-21. Turn your ideas into action!

Submitted by Bonnie Isman