Zoom Protocols for Annual Meeting

Annual meeting will be conducted as much like an in-person meeting as possible. The meeting will be chaired by Adrienne Terrizzi. Joan Temkin will be our parliamentarian, and Nancy DiMattio will be the recorder. Kathy Campbell will be the Zoom host and technical co-chair of the meeting. All participants, except those with pre-assigned speaking roles in the meeting, will be muted by the host unless recognized by the co-chair. Be sure that you understand how to "raise your hand" in order to be recognized. You may also raise your hand to second a motion. Please remember to "lower" your hand when done.

Most votes will be conducted using a poll that will appear on your screen when it is time for the vote to be taken. However, a limited number may be conducted using the "yes"/"no" meeting controls, so please locate these (see below for hints!)

How do I get the link to the LWVA Annual Meeting?

In order to join the LWVA annual meeting or any of the preliminary meetings, you must have an "invitation". The invitation will provide you with the official start time of the meeting, a meeting ID and a meeting password for use when connecting through the internet. Invitations will be e-mailed to members on May 26 (for the caucuses) and on May 31 (for the Zoom practice session and the Annual Meeting itself.) PLEASE DO NOT SHARE YOUR INVITATION WITH A NON-MEMBER!

There are several ways to join a meeting:

Option 1: Click on the link provided, which will be of the form https://us02web.zoom.us/j/... You will be prompted to download the Zoom app to your device. Follow the instructions. The meeting ID and the password are embedded in the link, so once the app is downloaded it should take you directly to the meeting.

Option 2: If you already have the Zoom app on your device, open it (and if it says there is a newer version available, install it!), then select "join meeting", and type in the meeting ID and, when prompted, the password. Use the password that has both numbers and letters.

Option 3: To join by audio only, dial into one of the following numbers:

  • +1 646 876 9923 US (New York)
  • +1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
  • +1 301 715 8592 US (Germantown)

and then enter the meeting ID and, when prompted, the numeric password.

There are various alternatives to those listed above. In particular, if you are joining from a device without built-in audio, you can join the audio portion of the meeting using a phone. This is one of the alternatives you may be presented with as you join, or perhaps after you have joined the video portion.

Another option as you join may be to modify your "display name". Your default display name may be the name of your spouse or the name of the device on which you are signing in. If so, please change the default to your real name. (This is also something you can do once you are in the meeting; see below.)

OK, I'm in the meeting; now what??

Zoom provides a set of "meeting controls", but by default these are hidden most of the time. To access them, either tap your screen (tablets or mobile phones) or move the cursor (on a computer) in the Zoom window. See Attendee Controls in a Meeting on zoom.us. Here are the most important controls:

Join Audio/Mute: You may have to "Join Audio" from an iPad (or similar iOS device) after you enter to the meeting. Click on the "Join Audio" button in the meeting controls. If you are already connected to audio, this button will provide you with the "Mute" (or "Unmute") option. Muting silences sounds at your end; you can still hear the speakers in the meeting. Participants in the Annual Meeting will be muted until recognized by the chair. The  preliminary meetings will be less formal, but if there are distracting sounds in your house it might still be a good idea to mute yourself except when you need to speak.

Stop/Start Video: When your video is stopped, your image in the meeting will revert to a box showing only your display name (and possibly a default picture if you happen to have set one.) Stopping the video will not affect your ability to see and hear others.

Participants: Select this option by touching or clicking on the "Participants" button in the meeting controls. From this window you can "raise (or lower) your hand." Participants will be muted during the Annual Meeting. Raise your hand if you wish to be recognized by the Chair.

The "yes" and "no" buttons are also in this window, but formal votes will be conducted by polling, NOT by using these buttons.

Also, by tapping/clicking on the Zoom icon next to your own name in the list of participants, you can change your display name to something more recognizable.

Chat: On the iPad, the Chat window is accessed from the Participants window, while on a computer you will probably find it as a separate button among the meeting controls. Selecting it opens a window where you can type messages and read messages that others have sent. Use this sparingly, if at all, during the meeting. The meeting host will try to monitor this widow in case someone needs technical assistance.

Speaker vs. Gallery view: In "speaker view", the current speaker's image (or the source of the loudest extraneous, unmuted noise, which might be you if your dog starts barking!) is enlarged and moves to the center of the screen. In "gallery view", all visible participants are shown the same size, and the frame around the speaker lights up. In either case, you will not be able to see all participants in a large meeting but arrows should allow you to move to see those that are hidden. The button to toggle between the two options is visible when the meeting controls are visible.