Nominating Committee Report 2021

Steering Committee Slate for 2021-2022

One-year terms (all):

Spokesperson: Jessica Ryan
Treasurer: Janice Ratner
Event organizer: Deanna Pearlstein
Membership: Phyllis Lehrer
Voter Service: Bonnie Isman
Publicity/Communications: Marla Jamate
Recorder: Cynthia Brubaker
Book Sale Chair: Elayne Berger
At large: Ann Kieser
At large: Kathy Campbell
At large: Susan Millinger (LWVMA and LWVUS liaison)
At large: Trish Farrington

Nominating Committee for 2022:

Chair: Andrea Battle
Nancy DiMattio
Rebecca Fricke

[Two additional members will be appointed by the Steering Committee]

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Dimattio, Chair
Rebecca Fricke
Phyllis Lehrer
Susan Millinger