Many hands make light work. (Plus, we have a lot of fun!) Donate a few hours of your time.

Pick-up books from Stop and Shop and bring to the Fort River School (twice a day, June 20 through July 20):
Pick your slot(s) here.

Chair a pricing and sorting session (three-hour shifts 9-3, M-F, June 27 through July 22; training provided on June 24 or later if necessary):
Pick your slot(s) here.

Pricing and sorting (we like to know you'll be coming, but drop in any time too!):
Pick your slot(s) here.

We're also looking for:

  • people to help with our Young Readers Day (12 to 4 on Monday, July 25);
  • people to help with culling and special pricing (training provided at 2:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 23)
  • moving crews to help move the books we've already collected to Fort River School during the week of June 20
  • clean-up help on August 9

and probably things we haven't thought of yet. Please contact Kathy Campbell at 367-4329.