Book Donations for LWV Amherst's Summer Sale

We gratefully accept donations of

  • Hard-cover and soft-cover books in good condition, fiction and non-fiction, of general interest, in any language
  • DVDs, CDs, books-on-tape, and vinyl in good condition
  • a few additional items, including “tiny” books, clean blank books, and clean prints and maps.

But we are not a recycling center! Please recycle magazines at your own curbside, along with pamphlets, class notes, etc.

We can NOT accept:

  • Encyclopedia sets (World Book, etc.)
  • Readers Digest condensed books
  • Loose-leaf notebooks, e.g., some cookbooks
  • Out-of-date textbooks (and most textbooks more than five years old are out of date!)
  • Out-of-date computer manuals (and these are out of date in well under five years!)
  • Dated material: old travel guides, almanacs, etc.
  • Academic journals, bound or unbound
  • VHS tapes

Thank you for disposing of these items, as well as your damaged, mildewed, or yellowing books, elsewhere.