LWVMA has a lot on its advocacy/action plate!

LWVMA has a busy legislative season ahead of it. Bills of interest to the League are being introduced, and the League board members and legislative specialists are busy deciding what its priorities should be.

With respect to the core good governance mission of the League, LWVMA plans to advocate for reducing the impact of money on our political system at every level. It will push for early voting and same-day registration as well as greater transparency in the legislative process. LWVMA also favors a greater emphasis on civics education in middle and high schools.

In the economic arena, LWVMA backs a more progressive, graduated state income tax. And this year it will be exploring and educating around the issue of economic inequality.
LWVMA backs a carbon tax to encourage the use of less-polluting fuels. A carbon-fee-and-rebate bill, SD 285, has been introduced by Senator Mike Barrett; more information is available at the web site of Climate XChange.

LWVMA will continue its support for single-payer health care (see related article), among other measures to increase access to and reduce the costs of health care.

These are only a few of the issues identified on LWVMA's 2015 Legislative and Advocacy Agenda. Working on these issues are more than a dozen LWVMA legislative specialists, listed here. Each would like to develop a list of League members who are interested in legislation in their area. Please get in touch with the specialist working on your area of interest.