Member Meeting on Structure of Town Government Position

May 09, 2017
7 p.m.
Bangs Center, Pole Room

The League’s reactions to the first two Charter Commissions were controversial, both inside and outside of the League in 1996, and especially within the League in 2003. What should we as a League do between now and March of 2018, when a third proposed Home Rule Charter will be placed before Amherst voters? This is the topic of this membership meeting. The meeting will be facilitated by Suzanne Patnaude. Please contact Rebecca Fricke or Kathy Campbell if you have questions, and PLEASE JOIN US!

Attached below (PDF file) is a history of the evolution of LWVA's two positions on local government. A version of this appears in the Spring 2017 Bulletin. Also attached are the pages from our Program Book that include the statements of those two positions, and a chart that was prepared in 2003 to compare and contrast the existing town government with the form proposed by the 2003 Charter Commission based on the principles laid out in LWVA's 2003 position.