Policy for Write-In Candidates

On March 12, 2015, the LWVA Board adopted a new policy concerning the participation of write-in candidates in the Candidates Night forum. Write-in candidates are also permitted to fill in the web-based form that forms the basis for the LWVA Election Guide, although they must meet the same deadlines as everyone else if they wish to do so.

LWVA Candidates Nights — Policy for Write-In Candidates

All candidates whose names will not appear on the ballot but who have announced a write-in campaign for a contested office(s) covered by a Candidates Night debate or forum at least five days prior to the Candidates night, meet all the legal qualifications for the office, and who meet at least one of the following criteria, will be invited to participate:

  • There is evidence that a formal campaign is being waged, for example, evidence of campaign volunteers, a website or Facebook page, issuance of position papers and other literature, campaign appearances, campaign ads, signs, etc.
  • A newspaper announcement or article has appeared
  • There is evidence of financial support or receipt of contributions
  • The candidate demonstrates voter support and interest

In determining participation of candidates according to these criteria, the burden of proof will be on the candidate, not the LWVA. The League may require candidates to provide information to show that they meet the criteria.