Local Government

Recommended addition to LWVA's 2022-2023 Program.

A new guide prepared by the League of Women Voters of Amherst covers everything from deciding to run and filing your nomination papers through managing campaign activities to campaign finance and fundraising.

Ready to run for elective office but not sure how to get started? Not quite ready but curious about the process? Join us for a two-part series on Running for Elective Office in Amherst. Register here (April 8) and here (April 15).

Statement for the Amherst Town Council's Special Meeting on August 10 regarding plans for consolidation of polling places for the upcoming primary and general elections.

The Amherst League of Women Voters, Amherst Media and former Massachusetts State Senate President Stan Rosenberg team up for Byline with Stan Rosenberg, an issue-oriented local government news program.

A new weekly show on Amherst Media, presented by LWV Amherst. Host Stan Rosenberg will interview players in both town and state government affairs.

LWV of Amherst, Amherst Media and former MA State Senate President Stan Rosenberg will team up for Byline with Stan Rosenberg, an issue-oriented, topical government news program.

Mailing sent to all members, August 2017.


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