America's Choices in the Health Care Debate

The LWVA Health Care Committee works to win high-quality, cost-effective health care for all--through state, regional and national proposals. Given the gravity of the COVID19 pandemic, it is now a public health imperative to find a health policy that will work; and given the stress of the lockdown on our economy, it is also a business imperative to turn health care from being part of the problem to being an important part of the solution.

To address the urgency of Healthcare Reform, the LWV 2020 Convention Caucus on Health Care will present two speakers. Ciara Zachary, PhD. of the UNC School of Public Health will focus on the effects of policy on health outcomes, especially for vulnerable populations; Henry Abrons, a retired physician, member of LWV of Berkeley (CA) and on the Advisory Board of Physicians for a National Health Program will present current legislative options consistent with LWVUS position. The caucus is sponsored by 15 local and state Leagues, including LWV-Amherst and LWV-MA!

This year, caucuses are open to all League members and the general public. No convention registration is required, but you must register for individual caucuses. Click here for a link to the zoom registration to this Health Care caucus, to be held at 8 p.m. on June 24.

For more information, contact Barbara Pearson, Caucus chair.

Submitted by Barbara Pearson