Climate Action Lobby Day, January 14

Launa Zimmaro, co-Chair of the LWVMA, Environmental Action and Advocacy Committee, recently sent out this letter:

Dear League and Climate Action Advocates,

We are rapidly approaching the end of another legislative session. Many are concerned that there will be little to no meaningful action on climate legislation again this session. I am writing to ask each of you to do what you can to let your legislators know that you care about climate action and want strong climate bills to move this session (specifics below). If you can't attend in person, please take 5 minutes to call your representatives with that message. Click HERE to find legislator contact info for your district. If they are supporters, thank them, and ask them to reach out to their colleagues and leadership voicing their support.

Bills on the League's High Priority climate bills list we'll be advocating for on the 14th (also endorsed by our coalition partner, Mass Power Forward) are listed below:

The 2050 Roadmap Bill (H.3983), Rep. Meschino
  • mandates that the State reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, consistent with the the global scientific consensus
  • ensures a specific plan for reaching the targets set
  • includes crucial milestones for 2030 and 2040
The F.U.T.U.R.E. Act (H.2849/S.1940) An Act For a Utility Transition to Using Renewable Energy Senator Cynthia Creem Rep. Lori Ehrlich & Rep. Christina Minicucci
  • creates a viable gas system path to transition to delivery of safe, renewable energy
  • greater involvement of the public in Department of Public Utilities decision making process
  • includes provisions to enhance safety of existing gas lines

Mass Power Forward high priority actions for the 14th are: Environmental Justice, 100% Renewable Energy by 2050 and Equitable Investment.