Health Care Committee Plans Celebration and Speak Out

This summer, the Health Care Committee is working on a program for July 30th to celebrate the 50th birthday of Medicare, and a program, in early October, to raise awareness of the high cost of health care in Massachusetts. Below is a brief description of both programs. We invite League members to join us in developing these programs. (Please get in contact with Jackie Wolf – or any other member of the Health Care Committee – if you can help.)

1. Come join in the Celebration for Medicare's 50th Birthday

On July 30, demonstrations all across the country will herald the 50th birthday of Medicare. Medicare is one of the most highly regarded social programs in the United States. It provides health insurance for the vast majority of people over 65 and those with disabilities. Without Medicare, many people over 65 would forgo getting medical treatment due to the cost of health care, and many people would be forced into bankruptcy because of medical bills.

The League supports the drive to PROTECT, IMPROVE and EXPAND [PIE] Medicare for all.

The western Massachusetts Medicare's 50th Birthday Party Organizing Committee invites you to join the celebration on Thursday, July 30th. There will be events in five western Massachusetts cities (see times and locations, below) with music, statements by elected officials and testimonies by Medicare enrollees. PLEASE JOIN US - bring family and friends - AND HELP MAKE THIS A TRULY HAPPY BIRTHDAY PARTY.

The route is as follows:

  • Springfield, 9:00 – 10:00: City Hall Steps, 36 Court Street
  • Holyoke , 11:00 – noon: City Hall at High and Dwight Streets
  • Northampton, 1:30 – 2:30: City Hall, 20 Main Street
  • Greenfield, 3:30 – 4:30: Town Common at Main and Federal Streets
  • Pittsfield, noon - 1:00: Federal Building, 78 Center Street

For more information, contact Jackie Wolf.

2. Speak Out for health care justice

The Health Care Committee is in the beginning stages of planning a program titled “Speak Out for health care justice.” Two Speak Outs organized by the Massachusetts chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program and Mass-Care: The Massachusetts Campaign for Single Payer Health Care took place at Harvard Medical School (Boston) and at the University of Massachusetts Medical School (Worcester) this past spring. Following this model, we are developing plans for a Speak Out in the fall at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. If you have a personal story regarding the high cost of health care – or know of a family member/friend – who would like to Speak Out at this event, please let us know.

Jackie Wolf