LWVA Event to Feature Six Community Organizations

Six grassroots organizations will be featured at the LWVA Racial Justice Task Force event, Tuesday, March 23, 2021, Working Towards Racial Equity: A Round Table and Dialogue. These organizations will reflect on their work, how they might work together more effectively and how the greater community can get involved.

  • The National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America (NCOBRA) is the premiere, mass-based coalition of organizations and individuals organized for the sole purpose of broadening the base of support for the long-standing reparations movement and obtaining reparations for African descendants in the United States. It has chapters, members, affiliates, and supporters throughout the U. S., Africa, Europe, Central and South America and the Caribbean. Local contact.
  • The Racial Equity Task Force is for residents of Amherst and the surrounding area to share resources and ideas as we organize and struggle to become better humans and antiracists. In this critical moment in history, this means we must question our reality and work together to bring about change. We will continue to develop the People’s Assembly model of consensus building and holding municipal officials accountable to us. Contact.
  • The People of Color United club (POCU) at the Amherst Regional High School represents a safe place for students of color and white student allies. In POCU we focus on the Idea of community and building a family of people that we know will look out for each other. We have conversations about current events, school problems along with our weekly check-ins. Some of us work with other community organizations beyond Amherst. Contact.
  • Reparations for Amherst is a grassroots organization focused on reparations for slavery and post-slavery anti-Black racism in Amherst. R4A is composed of non-Black ally volunteers and guided by an advisory board of Black stakeholders in the community. We seek to work with our town government, anchor institutions, the business community, and individual residents to establish a means for economic reparations and a community-led process for full repair. Contact.
  • Tzedek, the Jewish Community of Amherst’s Racial Justice Initiative, was founded last summer in the wake of George Floyd’s murder as a sub-committee of the JCA’s Tikkun Olam (Social Justice) Committee. A group of JCA congregants felt it was important to work on making the JCA a more actively anti-racist institution and carry that out into our civic community. Tzedek means justice; our goal is to work for a more equitable and just society. There are four active subgroups, and nce a week, JCA congregants also get together to discuss the intersection of race and Judaism in America. Contact.
  • The Interfaith Opportunities Network (ION) is a network of over 20 faith communities in Hampshire County. Formed in 2005 to promote understanding among Muslims, Jews, and Christians, ION has expanded to include Quaker, Baha’i, Buddhist, and Unitarian communities. We learn from each other’s’ traditions, rejoice in what have in common, appreciate our differences, and work to confront and eradicate systemic racism, both institutional and interpersonal. Contact.

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