LWVA Resolution on Biomass Going to Town Council

LWVA's Sustainability and Climate Action Committee is urging the Amherst Town Council to pass a resolution protesting the use of state subsidies for large-scale energy generation from woody biomass as well as the impacts of such a power plant on the health and socioeconomic well-being of Pioneer Valley residents.

On January 27, the resolution was endorsed by the Town's Energy and Climate Action Committee (ECAC). It will be placed on the agenda of an upcoming Town Council meeting.

The resolution cites studies that show that wood-fired power plants emit more carbon dioxide per kilowatt hour (kwh) of electric power generated than coal. They also emit far more particulates than coal, leading to severe pollution by fine particles. In particular, the proposed Palmer Renewable Energy power plant is located in a low-income community in Springfield, which is already dubbed "the asthma capital of the U.S."

For more information, see Why Does the Biomass Renewable Portfolio Standard Matter?

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