LWVA supports proposed purchase of Hickory Ridge golf course

The last issue of the LWVAmherst e-bulletin reported on the Amherst Town Council's unanimous decision to accept the climate action goals unanimously recommended by the Energy and Climate Action Committee. We commented that the Town's decision accords with the Climate Emergency Resolution unanimously passed by the delegates of Massachusetts local Leagues at the League of Women Voters of Massachusetts (LWVMA) 2019 Convention. This resolution concluded by calling on the LWVMA Board and local Leagues "to advocate for declarations of 'Climate Emergency' and urgent relevant action by state and local governments."

As a result, the LWVA's Energy Committee was reconfigured as the Sustainability and Climate Action Committee (SACAC.) Any and every concerned member of this League is welcome to join us: our next meeting is on Monday, January 20, starting at 2 p.m., at 11 Western Lane. Please let the host know (call 256-0809) so that there is sufficient seating. Anyone who wishes to be on SACAC's email list should contact the coordinator to be added to the list.

SACAC's most recent action (with the approval of the Steering Committee) was to send to Town Council a letter of support for the proposed purchase of the Hickory Ridge Golf Course.

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