LWVA weighs in on several spring warrant articles

Before every Town Meeting, the League reviews the articles in the Warrant and determines which it can support (or occasionally, oppose) based on its positions. This year the League is supporting:

  • Article 39, calling upon the Massachusetts Legislature and the United States Congress to implement a carbon fee and dividend program. The LWV of Massachusetts is actively supporting similar bills before the state legislature.
  • Article 29, "Town of Amherst Sanctuary Community Bylaw". The LWVUS has issued a statement opposing the deportation of non-criminal undocumented immigrants.
  • Article 41, supporting strong, new campaign finance laws at both the state and national level, in line with the League's long-standing positions on campaign finance.
  • Articles 24, 26 and 27, consolidating certain Town Committees, in line with LWVA's local position supporting review and streamlining of local boards when appropriate.
  • Spending to support the development of affordable housing, open space and recreational opportunities as part of Article 12, which proposes allocating funds available through the Community Preservation Act.

The detailed statements are below.

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