LWVMA and the 2015 Legislative Session

More than a dozen volunteer legislative specialists of the League of Women Voters of Massachusetts have been combing through the bills submitted to the current session of the Legislature to find those that the League can support or should oppose. You can find a complete list at the LWVMA web site.

Topics of interest range from Affordable Housing to Women’s Issues, and include support for proposals from single-payer health care to improving access to public records to requiring producers to take responsibility for collecting, reusing and recycling discarded electronic products. As always, support must be based on national or state LWV positions, and also reflect the state priorities.

Legislative specialists encourage League members who are interested in closely following an area of legislation or a specific bill to contact them and be added to that specialist’s “team” for notifications of committee hearings and other activities related to specific legislation. You’ll find a link to each specialist here.