Source to Sea Cleanup

On a beautiful autumn Saturday morning, 100-150 volunteers converged on Groff Park in Amherst for the Fort River Watershed's section of the Connecticut River Conservancy's Source to Sea Cleanup. Armed with large plastic bags, big white buckets, gloves, poison ivy ointment (!), Susan Millinger and Elizabeth Davis set off on the Emily Dickinson Trail. The trail goes along the edge of the Fort River until it intersects with the Norwottuck Rail Trail. The good news was that this trail was in pristine condition with nary a piece of trash in sight. The bad news was that our bags were empty! We made up for that by walking back to Groff Park along Mill Lane where we quickly filled our bags. Back at the park we emptied our bags onto a large tarp where several young men were sorting the trash into piles - glass bottles, aluminum and tin cans, plastics, balls of various sizes, metal objects, and one large porcelain sink. It is amazing what things people discard along the roads and other trails.

More on this story when the complete tally will be made for the thousands of volunteers and hundreds of cleanup sites from the river's source in northern New Hampshire along the Connecticut River and its tributaries to the sea at Long Island Sound. Stay tuned....

For more information go to the Fort River Watershed's website or the .