Transportation Action

This hard winter has brought the state’s transportation woes to the fore. LWVMA's transportation committee urges local Leagues and members to contact their legislators directly and to write to their local newspaper asking the legislature to close the transportation funding gap, support overdue MBTA maintenance and adequate Regional Transit Authority funding, and repair roads and bridges.

LWVMA has joined a statewide coalition, Transportation for Massachusetts or T4MA, that tracks transportation needs, policies and investments. It's clear from T4MA's latest study that we need billions of dollars of revenue to bring transportation to a state of good repair and for new services to encourage responsible growth. On February 12, T4MA, the Conservation Law Foundation and MASSPIRG released their second progress report on funding and reforms created by the Transportation Finance Act of 2013. The report finds that significant transportation improvements have been made across the state in the first complete fiscal year. However, the amount of revenue raised in the 2013 funding bill is still not sufficient to meet the Commonwealth’s ongoing and future transportation needs or to support the state’s economy.

We must make smart reforms.

Excerpt from LWVMA Transportation Position:


The League supports:

  • placing all transportation monies in a general transportation fund that is available to all modes
  • allocating funds on the basis of service needs
  • allocating funds in a manner that will equalize municipal and/or regional resources
  • funding policies that encourage increased availability and quality of public transportation and provide incentives for cost effectiveness

Full position in Where We Stand, available at