Finance Committee 5/7/19

Committee Name: 

Finance Committee

Meeting date: 

Tuesday, May 7, 2019 - 14:00

Meeting Location: 

Town Room, Town Hall

Members present: 

Steinberg, Griesemer, Bahl-Milne, Schoen; Pam absent

Observer Notes: 

The Finance Committee is reviewing the FY2020 Budget, section by section, hearing from departments and asking questions before making recommendations to the entire Council.

The Police Chief and two captains spoke about the Police Facility, the Police department, Communications, and Animal Welfare. There are 49 officers in the Police Department. Currently, there are 4 vacancies. Ninety percent of the budget is in personnel. Issues discussed included marijuana, especially about how impairment can be recognized, and the homeless population.

The Veteran Services department and budget were discussed by the director. He explained how the district composed of 11 cities and towns functioned with regard to assisting veterans and their families.

The Fire Chief and two assistant fire chiefs spoke about the fire and emergency services that they provide. They explained the three types of forces in the department - the regular force, a student force and a call force. They no longer have a contract with Hadley, which reduces some of the pressure on the department.

The Leisure Services and Supplemental Education (LSSE) Department Director and Operations Manager spoke about the department and said that the budget has been reduced 5% through a reorganization which also makes it more efficient. There is $170,000 available for scholarships to be used for LSSE programs. They also spoke about the Pools and the Cherry Hill Golf Course.

League Observer: 

Janice Ratner